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Finals time

Posted by on Jul 31, 2014

Finals time

A 9-0 win v home side Scotland and follow up 3-0 victory against England has cemented a spot for us to be in contention for the Commonwealth gold medal match. Although we can continue to progress and make many improvements in certain areas of our game, it has been a clinical performance thus far. With 25 goals for and 0 against, it is a start that we are happy to take.

Drag flicking specialist Jodie Kenny  has been much more reliable than a sundial at midnight putting away almost half of the teams goals. It is a great reward for Jodie who has worked hard on developing her set skill, which is now paying dividends and we hope she can continue this form into the finals.


Around the village we have been proactive in celebrating many special occasions. Eddie Bone, Jane Claxton and Karri McMahon all celebrated their 50th games for the Hockeyroos over the past few games. Meanwhile Emily Smith celebrated yet another birthday on tour turning the ripe old age of 22. In true Hockeyroo creativity and possible stinginess we proudly made Smitty a cake consisting off 2 giant pre baked cookies joined together with local Scottish ice cream. It was a genius creation warmly received by all who tasted it and received their daily calorie intake in one mouthful.


Rach Lynch and I also had the opportunity to catch up with para-athlete Kurt Fearnley to pick up some tips on our Kokoda Trek. Kurt managed to complete the Kokoda Trek alongside his family and friends through use of only his arms. His primary piece of advice to Rach and I was …..’try not to crawl it.” This was great advice and put things into context, if Kurt could manage to overcome the trek using his arms alone than I think we really couldn’t complain about how hard it actually might be. A truly inspiring guy and it was a honour to chat with him. I also must congratulate Kurt on his silver medal performance in tonights race.


Once again the Hockeyroos were getting the royals on the #roovolution bandwagon with Harry, William and Kate dropping in to watch a game. It was once again exciting to meet them with many of the girl having their phone numbers at the ready for Harry and showing great admiration for Kate who was wearing some significantly high wedges with great style. Rach Lynch claimed Harry proposed to her as indicated in the photo below but as we are yet to see any formal invitations, the jury is still out on this rumour.


With the remainder of the games in our opposing pool being played, we will be playing South Africa in the semi-final with NZ set to take on England in the other semi. South Africa although ranked 11th in the world at the moment have shown they are capable of performing well against higher ranked opposition. Their game v NZ was at a high tempo and they pressed and counter attacked quite effectively especially in the second half. The end result was 2-1 to NZ, however with SA displaying many patches of dominance it could have been a far different scoreline had they been more clinical in the circle.

Our game is scheduled to take place at 12:15pm tomorrow (Scotland time). Get on board and join the #roovolution (just as Andrew Swallow has) by watching and supporting the girls in our must win game.


Till next time .

Ashleigh #8 The Hockeyroos

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A Queenie Photobomb Kinda Day.

Posted by on Jul 24, 2014

A Queenie Photobomb Kinda Day.

Apparently there was a hockey game on today. I was there and witnessed the Australian Women’s Hockey Team win their 1st game of the Commonwealth Games 4-0 vs Malaysia. Although we take our matches very seriously, sometimes life presents abundant opportunities. Today it was who could get the best selfie with non-other than our very lovely Queen Elizabeth more affectionately known as Queenie.

I was fortunate enough to get in early with a candid shot of our marked lady on her way into the stadium. I had unfortunately missed the first game due to injury ……. but had a minor perk of stumbling across the Queen while the girls were ice bathing. The 10m perimeter set a serious challenge and resulted in the long range selfie.


We were fortunate enough to be allowed to get a little closer to Queenie later in the day, with our Captain Madonna Blyth even being able to personally greet her. Known for her manners and ability to speak well Donnie was the perfect representative while the rest of us remained well contained behind the netting.

The netting did not stop us from wielding our iPhones with many of the cameras set on rapid fire, attempting to capture the moment. And if you haven’t seen it yet, you have been living under a rock because it seemed the Queen was ready and raring to photobomb. Apparently she has been taking lessons from her Grandchildren …..probably Harry lets face it and the results of her efforts were stunning and have gone viral especially with Jayde Taylor and Brooke Peris’ photo below.



It was an absolute blast to have won our first game v Malaysia, but to have a selfie with the Queen has satisfied one section of my bucket list!

The challenge is set – which athlete can outdo the Australian Womens Hockey Team selfie effort?

Do you think Usain Bolt would be keen to have a photo with us and join the #roovolution that is happening in Australian Womens Hockey at the moment ??? Lets face it he is the King of athletics and all the countries in the Commonwealth love a little bit of royalty .

Stay tuned for more news and our progression through the game. Next up Wales tomorrow at 2pm.


Ashleigh Nelson

#8 – Australian Womens Hockey Team

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